Classic Movies and More

Aurora Bugallo @CitizenScreen Annmarie Gatti @ClassicMovieHub Rob Medaska @RobnRob


Welcome to Classic Movies and More!

The shadow cast by classic Hollywood is wide. It lies well beyond a mansion on Sunset Blvd. It is on a rock in Fort Lee, New Jersey. On a quiet street in Burchard, Nebraska. At a film festival in a small town or in a cozy living room in your own home. The shadows are still vivid in a new era.

Come with us as we take you on a classic film journey from historic film locations, to exciting film festivals, from the latest museum exhibits, to one-of-a-kind fans. Classic films are very much alive and well, right here on your one stop shop for the greatest the screen has ever known. Classic movies and more. Right Here. Right Now.


CM&M Hosts:

Aurora Bugallo (Once Upon a Screen@CitizenScreen)

Annmarie Gatti (Classic Movie Hub@ClassicMovieHub)

Rob Medaska (Rob & Rob@2MovieReviewers)


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