Hi all with March just about over, Rob and I are ready for some laughs to make this winter finally be gone, and what a great way to do that with:  The Pink Panther, United Artist 1964, Directed by Blake Edwards, starring David Niven, Robert Wagner, Capucine, and the one and only Peter Sellers, a genius whom we will celebrate with this post.

The movie itself is solid , with some good performances running throughout , and direction that is first rate as always from Mr. Edwards, but the driving force of the film is Mr. Sellers.  With the character of Inspector Jacques Clouseau  he created one of the all-time greatest characters in movie history.  Taking very simple situations that lesser actors would have not much to do, he crafted a physically hysterical and verbally comical characterization that will forever be watched, eternally copied, but NEVER duplicated.

It is a true talent that can play such a bumbling character, yet keep the scene real and in the moment and not make anything he did unreal.  All was in the realm of possibility as long as Inspector Clouseau was in the room.  The intensity to which he brought to life the character is something that is very rare in film, and the fact that he was able to continuously build it from movie to movie was pure genius.  Part of it was Sellers himself, what he brought from real life, but also there was always the ability to get lost in the character which made you always believe it was real.  Peter Sellers WAS Inspector Clouseau, there can and will never be another.   To watch a genius at work please tune in Saturday night, March 25 @ 8pm on TCM.