Since one of our favorite movies opened in June of 1975 we thought we’d spotlight the perfect drink to kick off the summer – the Shark Bite to honor Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. There are several drinking scenes in the movie including the memorable scene in the Orca wherein our heroes compare scars and Quint recounts the horror of the Indianapolis. But we think the Shark Attack covers the gist of the entire movie quite nicely and allows for an homage to Bruce.



As it turns out you can find many variations of the Shark Bite, but we defer to the recipe on 3st of the Month because it sounds particularly tasty.




cocktail shaker
rocks glass

  • And the shark bottle top server as seen in the above image would no doubt put people in the mood of these spirits.


2 oz Sugar Island Rum Co. Coconut Rum
3 oz Walker Feed Co. Honeysuckle Sour (or homemade)
.5 oz blue curacao
few drops of grenadine



Add rum, blue curacao and sour mix to an ice-filled shaker and give it a quick shake to chill. Strain into a rocks glass with ice and add a few drops of grenadine to simulate blood. That’s it.


CHEERS!  Enjoy your summer and the Shark Bite!