January Edition 2017

Comedy Pick of the Month

Hi all, I am Rob Medaska, and I am Rob Medaska.  This year we thought we would try something different; we will be previewing our top Comedy pick each month for the upcoming year.  I have done comedy and improvisation for over 20 years.  And I live with him, so that counts for my training.  If you are done we will tell the people our comedy choice for the Month of January, would you like to do the honors?  We have chosen, Pardon Us, starring Laurel and Hardy.  It will be airing Tuesday (technically Wednesday) January 18, at 4 am est.  So set your recorders in case you’re not up in time.

The run-time for the film seems to be 60 minutes as the comedy Hold Em Jail, with the comedy team of Wheeler and Woolsey follows at 5 am.  There are a few prints out and about of Pardon Us, TCM apparently will be showing the approximately 60 minute version.  The film is set in prohibition, with the boys, as they are affectionately called, becoming “a couple of beer barons” who get caught and arrested and sent to prison.  Prison films were big at the time, as well as the gangster theme in films, so naturally Laurel and Hardy decided to tackle the topic to funny results.

They take the prison by storm, no pun intended, and precede to somehow escape.  Their disguises are priceless, and they are able to fool the authorities, but as with any criminals, they can only hide for so long.  Throw in a few songs, Ollie singing, a trip to the dentist and big jail break finale and you have the makings of a Laurel and Hardy classic.  Their first feature film as a comedy team, keep an eye out for the “find the paper” game in the courtyard, it is one of Ollie’s best stares at the camera.

So check out Pardon Us on TCM January 18 at 4am est to laugh until your arrested, for the month of January 2017 I am Rob, and I am Rob, and we wish you happy and funny 2017.



Would love if someone someday found the French version of Pardon Us…..co-stars Boris Karloff.



Check out the film Beau Hunks to see what BS stands for…..