This post kicks off a monthly feature on the Classic Movies and More blog in which we will feature a cocktail/classic movie connection once a month.  It’s important to note that we do not condone heavy drinking in any way.  These posts will merely spotlight moments in classic movies wherein characters imbibe and offer recipes for entertaining purposes.  In that vein we hope you enjoy Classic Movie Cocktails.

Naturally we had no choice but to inaugurate this series with Nick Charles from The Thin Man movie series.  As most of you know Mr. Charles was a aficionado of drink, but still managed to solve crimes in stylish fashion.  It is because of this that this inaugural post features a trio of cocktails based on our introduction to Nick Charles in W. S. Van Dyke’s The Thin Man (1934) wherein he explains how to shake certain drinks.  Nick Charles was portrayed by the great William Powell.

Nick Charles: “The important thing is the rhythm. Always have rhythm in your shaking.”


“Now a Manhattan you shake to fox-trot time”

Recipe from Oh So Beautiful Paper:



“A Bronx to two-step time”

Recipe from The Greaser and the Doll:



“A dry martini you always shake to waltz time.”

Recipe from Twenty2Vodka:

Dry Martini