Just sharing some photos from our day at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, CA. A big thank you to our friends and ‘tour guides’ Laura and Doug Grieve! And also to fellow film fan and friend, Kellee Pratt 🙂

Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City entrance

We’re here — a big day for us Classic Movie Fans!

groto Holy Cross Cemetery

The gorgeous Grotto…

Laura and Doug Grieve

Our hosts Laura and Doug plan our grave searching strategy!

searching for famous graves in Holy Cross CemeteryDivide and Conquer

Rita Hayworth grave at Holy Cross Cemetery

Just a sampling of the graves we saw…
starting with Rita Hayworth, who is not too far from the Grotto

John Ford grave at Holy Cross Cemetery

John Ford

Rosalind Russell grave at Holy Cross Cemetery

Rosalind Russell from afar

Rosalind Russell grave at Holy Cross Cemetery

And close up

Annmarie Gatti at Holy Cross Cemetery

Annmarie at the grave of Jackie Coogan

aurora bugallo at holy cross cemetery

Aurora at the grave of Sara Allgood

Annmarie Gatti, Kellee Pratt, Laura Grieve

Kellee, Annmarie and Laura at the grave of Rosalind Russell


To see the Video Featurette of our visit to Holy Cross Cemetery, click here